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An investment for the future.

My work=My passion, experience since 2005. One of the basic marketing truths says that advertising is a lever of trade. I go one step further and do not forget that no lever, even the longest one, will work if it is not supported by a proper point of support. When I start working on any new project, I first look for a solid support point, and only then do I choose the right lever in the form of specific solutions tailored to your needs.

Business idea

It does not matter where you live! UK, Denmark or Brazil - you can run your business from anywhere in the world. Our partners' warehouses are located all over the world.

It is an investment for years that will bring you many benefits!

pomysł na biznes


Your business idea. Open your own individual online shop with ready-made goods! Leave the shipping to others - and enjoy new orders from anywhere in the world.

Private label

You do not have to be a manufacturer to sell products under your logo! Own brand - you can sell e.g. cosmetics, clothing etc. under your own brand.


A variation of the wholesalePRO system - if you have your own goods and have problems with storage - this offer is for you. That is, the handling of warehouse processes by an external company - storage, shipping, packaging, handling returns, is on the side of the external company - so you can take care of developing your business.


Thanks to our system it is very easy to order a courier to your door. Pack the goods, print the waybill, fill in a simple form and a courier will come to your door to collect the parcel.

Call Center

Possibility to create a Call Centre system (chat, separate telephone numbers, fax, extension numbers, hotline).

Shop for clothes? Car parts? Electronics? Nothing simpler:

Experience since 2005.

Every shop is displayed on mobile devices - both the administration panel and Front Office which increases sales opportunities.

Remember! Creating a shop is not everything. That is why I will not leave you alone with the project after it is released! I will help with promotion, operation and training.

How to get started:

  • We agree on a brand/shop profile

  • We sign a contract with a guarantee

  • I implement the system, we sign contracts with wholesalers, we create your brand

  • Issues a draft

  • I support, school, advise

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